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Speaking Engagements

Brent Grover is an enthusiastic and fast-paced speaker with a light touch. As an experienced business school educator, he knows how to present complex ideas in a compelling way. Brent's speaking style is both straightforward and informal. He uses graphics to set the tone and to illustrate concepts.

Brent makes a powerful connection with executive-level audiences, as he owned and ran a high-profit large distribution business for over 20 years. Brent adds his background as a CPA and consultant at a national firm. Distribution executives know Brent through his two acclaimed recent NAW/DREF books and many magazine articles and speaking appearances.


The Sacred Cows of Distribution™

Audience: Distributor executives and mid-level management; Suppliers

Message: Ten 'sacred' beliefs held by many distributors must be confronted and overcome if the management expects the company to become a top-quartile performer. Examples of the sacred cows are: not having an outside board; failing to do proper strategic planning; overlooking small acquisitions as a way to jumpstart growth and not taking advantage of customer profitability analysis.

Deliverables: The audience follows a workbook (handout) and does simple exercises to demonstrate how the sacred cows affect their profits. The presentation is a call to action and it provides enough basics for to get started working "on" the business rather than "in" it.

Length: 90 to 120 minutes

Strategic Pricing for Distributors™

Audience:  Distributor executives and mid-level management; Suppliers

Message: Through more informed pricing decisions and better management, distribution businesses typically achieve sustainable margin increases of 2% or more within 90-120 days of implementation.

Deliverables: The presentation starts with a compelling message about the benefits of strategic pricing and includes real-life examples of how the process and works and what is needed to succeed, whether the distributor chooses to "go it alone" or use outside help with the analysis and implementation.

Length: 90 to 120 minutes

An audio sample of this presentation is available online.

The Acquisitive Distributor: Acquisitions as a Growth Strategy for Distributors

Audience: Distributor executives

Message: Acquisitions are a critical growth strategy for middle-market distributors. Based on Brent's top-selling NAW/DREF book published in 2005.

Deliverables: The four-step distributor acquisition process explained in four steps (strategy, negotiation, due diligence and integration). Case studies of what works and what doesn't work. Data from NAW study of hundreds of companies.

Length: 60 to 120 minutes

An audio sample of this presentation is available online.

More to the Bottom Line: Customer Profitability Tools for Distributors

Audience: Distributor executives and mid-level management

Message: Customer profitability tools are indispensable for distributors seeking to reach (or stay in) the "top quartile" of profitability. Based on Brent's best-selling NAW book published in 2004.

Deliverables: Customer profitability analysis (CPA) explained in four steps (measuring customer operating profit; ranking customers; segmenting customers and focusing managers and sales reps on operating profit). High-level discussion of concepts; emphasis is on using CPA to protect top customers, fixing loss situations, creating new services and developing sales and compensation policies.

Length: 90 to 120 minutes


The Distributor's Profit Engine

Audience: Distributor executives and mid-level management

Message: In order to work "on" the business, not just "in" it, the management team needs a clear understanding of exactly how the distributor makes money, how to benchmark results, what to keep track of and what to focus on.

Deliverables: Return on investment explained by breaking the profit engine down into its three main components: return on sales, asset utilization and the use of leverage. Emphasis is on what management needs to keep track of (key indicators), setting smart goals (benchmarking) and checklists of what management needs to do.

Length: 60 to 90 minutes.


The Science of Distributor Profitability

Audience: Supplier executives, mid-level management and sales people

Message: Top-flight distributors are an extension of the supplier's organization, close to the end-user customer, and an integral link in the "supply chain". Achieving and maintaining a supplier-distributor relationship at this level requires that the distributor perceives the supplier as a "preferred supplier", one regarded as a trusted partner and worthy of every benefit the distributor can bring to the relationship.

To achieve preferred supplier status at high performance distributors, supplier staff needs to understand how distributors make money and how they make product line and supplier decisions.

Deliverables: Focusing on "non-accountants", the science of distributor profitability is explained using examples and data from distributor trade association profit surveys. A flow diagram and example illustrate how distributors evaluate suppliers and decide which product lines and suppliers to focus on. Checklists are provided.

Length: 60 to 90 minutes

Sampling of Large Group Presentations:

  • NAW - National Association of Wholesaler-Distributors (Large Company Conference; Annual Executive Conferences)
  • NPTA - National Paper Trade Association (Annual Conventions; Management Development Programs)
  • GAWDA - Gases & Welding Distributor Association (Annual Conventions)
  • NAED - National Association of Electrical Distributors (Annual Conventions)
  • ASA - American Supply Association (Annual Convention; Mid-Year Conference)
  • ISA - Industrial Supply Association (Annual Conventions)
  • NBMDA - National Building Materials Distributor Association (Annual Convention)
  • AHTD - Association of High-Technology Distributors (Annual Convention)
  • WFFSA - Wholesale Floral & Florist Supplies Association (Annual Convention)
  • SEDA - Safety Equipment Distributors Association (Annual Convention)
  • MSCI - Metals Service Center Institute (Annual Convention)
  • AEC - Association Executives Council of NAW (Annual Meetings)
  • ILDA - international Laboratory Distributors Association (Annual Convention)
  • AFFLINK (Executive Institutes; Annual Conventions; Regional Meetings)
  • ADC - American Dental Cooperative (Annual Convention)
  • STARLINE Distributors (Annual Convention)
  • IMARK Distributors (Annual Convention)
  • ProLine Distributors (Annual Meeting)
  • PWDA - Pacific Western Distributors Association (Annual Meeting)
  • WSA - Western Supplies Association (Annual Meeting)
  • NDC - National Distributing & Contracting (Annual Meeting)
  • Network Services (Regional Meetings)
  • Yamaha Robotics (Distributor Meeting)
  • Parker-Hannifin (National Sales Meeting)
  • SCA Tissue (Distributor Council)
  • LaGasse (Distributor Meeting)
  • Inteplast (Distributor Council)
  • GOJO Industries (National Sales Meeting)
  • Elkay Plastics (National Sales Meeting)
  • DPS Software (Customer Meetings)
  • INFOR (Webcast)
  • MDM - Modern Distribution Management (Webcasts)
  • ID - Industrial Distribution Magazine (Webcast)