SMART Profits

SMART Pricing as an ongoing business process not a one-time project for our clients. The SMART Profits program is a low-cost annual refresh of client pricing data analysis as well as tools for ongoing margin monitoring.

To be successful, pricing optimization must be both sustainable and serve as a platform for future margin improvements. Even though clients realize a handsome immediate return on their investment in SMART Pricing, the effort would be wasted if the company margins slid backwards within a year or two of implementation.

Evergreen Consulting is committed to update each client’s pricing data analysis annually following the initial implementation year. Distributors are constantly adding new customers and new products and services. Pricing analytics must be recalibrated periodically to adjust for changes in the customer and product mix as well as competitive market conditions.

We have tools to help clients find the root causes of margin backsliding and to take corrective actions. Our job includes making sure that incremental business doesn’t erode margin gains, and that clients see continuous improvement.

Evergreen consultants work with clients to identify emerging opportunities for margin enhancement, and we are available to provide management and sales training when needed.