Pricing Process Design & Management

Evergreen consultants have extensive experience with the pricing modules included in most popular distributor ERP systems. The majority of ERP pricing modules have more than adequate functionality to implement SMART Pricing.

Our staff assists clients with formatting and downloading data from their ERP system to us, and with uploading our pricing recommendations into the ERP system.

SMART Pricing is a solid foundation for pricing new business. We create market-driven pricing matrices for each product category and customer segment that reflect variables such as customer sensitivity, item visibility and product value. We assist in installation of SMART Pricing matrices within the ERP system’s hierarchical pricing module. In most systems the pricing matrices can be fully integrated with order entry including off-line order entry applications.

One of the goals of market-driven pricing is to drastically reduce the need for special contract pricing records.

Another primary goal is streamlining the pricing process to provide fast, consistent and accurate pricing decisions with a minimum amount of staff time and effort.

We are available to advise SMART Pricing clients with evaluation of their current pricing process, troubleshooting problem areas and designing better processes. Our staff is available to assist in planning, organizing, directing, controlling and staffing the client’s pricing function. We are also available to provide pricing training for our clients.