Strategic Planning (One-page Planning)

Evergreen’s holistic approach to strategic pricing, SMARTPricing and customer profitability, SMART CPA, often leads to serious conversations with clients about strategic planning. What is the leader’s vision for what the business will look like when his or her career is complete? What is the the “big hairy audacious goal” BHAG and growth trajectory for the long term? What are the Key Performance Objectives (KPIs) for 3 years from now? Are the “right people on the bus and in the right seats”?

Evergreen’s viewpoint is that leadership must provide a compelling goal, clarity about each person’s role and that there must be strong, two-way communication at all levels. And, we feel that the plan must be summarized on one piece of paper – a “one-page strategic plan”.

Strategic planning is a process that requires about 3 months and culminates in an off-site planning session. The work product is not only a one-page plan but a work plan for “violent execution” (George Patton).

The two or three breakthrough strategies that flow from the strategic planning work are designed to make the BHAG become a reality.

Evergreen Consulting is able to commit to strategic planning projects only for SMART Pricing and SMART CPA clients.