Our History

Brent Grover founded Evergreen Consulting in 2001.

Brent and his brother Jeffrey, longtime co-owners of National Paper & Packaging, sold their nationally-known distribution business to private equity investors in 1999. Brent was a board member of a large distributor who became Evergreen’s first client on November 1, 2001 – the first day after he completed his service at National Paper.

As CEO of the paper, packaging and janitorial supplies businesses Brent applied sound financial and strategic management principles to the distribution business. The company was known for innovations and also for its track record of consistent industry-leading return on investment.

The company’s success with management methods such as customer profitability analysis and margin optimization had been the subject of an NAW video cast, a book chapter by Arthur Andersen & Co. and an IBM White Paper publication. Evergreen Consulting was established to show other distributors how to use financial and strategy tools.

Ken and Brent SittingNAW provided the perfect launching pad for Evergreen in 2002 when Brent was asked to write a book about customer profitability. NAW’s research foundation DREF published that book, More to the Bottom Line, in 2003. It was the first in a series of nine books Brent has written, in addition to contributions to other books and dozens of articles, blogs and White Papers about distribution management.

Ken Brown joined Evergreen as a partner in 2007. Ken and Brent worked together in the distribution business since 1984. Ken’s strong background in sales, sales management and corporate leadership complements Brent’s focus on finance and strategy.Emily and Ken 2016 History Page

Emily Martin joined Evergreen in 2005 and serves as project manager on Evergreen’s large, complex projects. Her background in human resources and corporate management adds an important dimension to the success of Evergreen’s clients. Emily has worked with Brent and Ken since 1995.

Evergreen has consulted for a long list of leading-edge distributors in many trade lines on strategic pricing, customer profitability analysis and strategic planning projects. Ken also works on sales compensation assignments, and Brent advises select distributors on acquisitions and divestitures.