Trade Association Executives

Wholesale distribution trade associations are working harder to provide value for a smaller number of larger members. Distributors demand presentations from strategic thought leaders and fresh content with take-home value.  Evergreen Consulting partners have written nine best-selling books and numerous articles about leading-edge management for distribution businesses. Brent Grover is an NAW Institute Fellow. Evergreen partners have received “best speaker” recommendations from many of the industry’s top trade associations and other organizations.

Studies show that networking opportunities are the #1 reason that members of distribution industry associations pay dues and attend meetings. Well-known speakers with strong content and compelling messages attract industry leaders to sessions and build the overall attendance base.

The ultimate measure of presentation success is positive feedback: “Great speaker – I want to hear more. Bring him back!”

Evergreen Consulting partners Brent Grover and Ken Brown have presented at most of the major industry association conventions and executive education retreats – many of them multiple times.

The most popular topics are based one of more of our well-known NAW and MDM books: strategic pricing, customer profitability analysis and cost to serve, strategic planning and sales compensation. We’re also able to prepare customized presentations and education sessions when needed.

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